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Upcoming Events

Wittenberg Union Board Events:

January 25th: XY Unlimited
First Union Board event!!!  The a Capella group XY Unlimited will be at Founders. This unique group of men remix everything from soul music to Lady Gaga; their harmonies are brilliant and energized!


February 8th: Build a Bear
Build a Bear will return to Wittenberg! There will be Tigers, Monkeys, Penguins, and Frogs to make! Come make your new stuffed animal!


February 15th: The Bergamot
This duo does fantastic covers of musicians such as Adele, as well as some groovy originals. (Founders)


March 21st: Battleship
Challenge your friends to a battle-royal of naval proportions! (Pool-HPERC)


3/23-3/25: Sibling Weekend!


March 28: Gabrielle Medina
This spoken word artist will make you laugh cry and dream of a future untold! Come listen to her beautiful stories artistically spoken!


April 4th: Pete Lee
This unsuspecting man will leave you ROFL as he rants about what in life is worthy to hate!


April 28th: Wittfest