Get Involved

If you are interested in starting a radio show, click here for the radio show application!


We are looking for talented, enthusiastic DJs who want to broadcast their love of music over the airwaves (and Internet) on 89.1 FM – the berg. To qualify, you must be a Wittenberg student, alumni, staff, or faculty member, OR you must be a Springfield community member.

WUSO has a point system to determine scheduling priorities for each show. The more points, the earlier the DJs will be able to choose their time. Each DJ is required to have six points per semester.

 WUSO has a point system to determine scheduling priorities for each show, each semester. The more points a DJ of a show has, the earlier he or she will be able to choose their time. Each DJ must have a minimum of six points per semester.

Committee Obligations

WUSO encourages our DJs to be involved in all aspects of station operation. As a result, each show is required to contribute to each one of WUSO’s committees. Faculty and community DJs are exempt from committee obligations. Failure to complete committee obligations each semester will result in dismissal of your show from our lineup.

CD Review Committee
Sophie Reutter (Music Director)
Get access to the newest music (sometimes not even released yet to the public) sent to WUSO directly from labels and promoters! CD Review Committee reviews the incoming music and decides what tracks should be played on the air. If you are ready to review a CD, click here.
Each review is one point. It is suggested that each show members review at least four CDs each semester.

Street Team
Skylar Brenier (Promotions Director)
We are seeking people interested in building hype and getting WUSO’s name out there on campus and in the community.  If you are creative and have a knack for making awesome promotional material, then this is for you!  Street Team is in charge of picking out the new merchandise and t-shirts for WUSO!
Street team events are given different point values. It is suggested that a DJ promote at least one event each semester.

Web Content Committee
Kellen Roach (Webmaster)
This is the newest of WUSO’s committees! We are seeking out bloggers and anybody who loves to write. We would like to see concert reviews and reviews of new music on our website.
Each blog post is worth one point. It is suggested that each show write at least one concert review or music review each semester.

WUSO Remote
Erica Precht (Remote Crew Director)
WUSO frequently DJs events around campus, from New Student Day activities to pizza taste-offs to playing between Wittfest sets! All DJs can show off their playlists at these events. If you are organizing an event and would like to request remote crew service, click here.
Each hour working a remote event is one point. It is suggested that each DJ have three remote event hours each semester.