It’s Thursday again…

New music this week from the WUSO CD Review Committee (Kent, Andrew, Nate, Caity, Joe, and Rory).

One of these bands is on Red Bull’s label. Which does, in fact, exist. Now the free Red Bull everywhere at CMJ makes sense: as Caity puts it, “they need an in with the music industry…all the hipsters need energy, too.”


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*Bonnie “Prince” Billy- Wolfroy Goes To Town*
Mix with: Iron & Wine, Sun Kil Moon
Caity says: “Will Oldham’s latest record is folky, mystical, and quirky. Songs take awhile to build but are worth it.”

New Whaling:


*Gauntlet Hair- Gauntlet Hair*
Mix with: Dead Oceans
Caity says: “Shining, disorienting, colorful noise-pop anthems. Melodic and exploratory.”


The Cranberries- Tomorrow
Mix with: “Tomorrow” (Single)
Kent says: “Good mid tempo pop song, female vocals. If you’re familiar with this band, it sounds just like everything else (not bad).”


David Lynch- Crazy Clown Time
Mix with: Blockhead
Nate says: “Slow, atmospheric tracks that would probably best serve as background music in one of Lynch’s movies. Requires a full listen to appreciate.”


Pterodactyl- Spills Out
Mix with: Double Dagger, PRE
Nate says: “Decent post-punk rock with some interesting riffs generic sildenafil. Really solid drumming throughout.”


Rob Crow- He Thinks He’s People
Mix with: Pinback, Three Mile Pilot
Nate says: “Really good low-key record with multiple stylings. Great tracks on here. Best described as slower indie pop.”


*Sparkadia- The Great Impression*
Mix with: Arcade Fire, Muse, The Dodos
Kent says: “Stadium indie rock…. big choruses and good harmonies. Lots of instruments in the background.”


Twin Atlantic- Free
Mix with: Manchester Orchestra, My Chemical Romance
Kent says: “A little heavy and mainstream rock-ish, but not terrible.”

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